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Technical progress in the healthcare industry advances faster than witnessed by any other business sector – always with people in mind. With our industry expertise from over 25 years of experience, we ensure that this will not change even in the future. We help you to return your focus on your core competences, to save time and cost.

Your medical products require careful logistical handling. Time plays an extremely important role here, while hygiene regulations are much more pronounced in comparison with other industries. And what is more, supply chain requirements and demands vary according to the individual healthcare branch. For this reason, we have developed precision concepts for pharmaceutical, hospital and medtech logistics respectively.

The basis of a successful logistical partnership with us lies in the analysis of your current situation. Based on existing operational procedures, the potential for optimisation and rationalisation in combination with our compatible performance modules, is ascertained. The respective benchmark is composed from individual, market-driven future requirements. The goal always remains the same: the reduction of ongoing costs or of opportunity costs while improving efficiency and support. Contact us for a consult.

Martin Pétery
Business Development