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Effortless movement of goods across national borders

From export accompanying document to customs inspection – we help you to clear your products. No matter what sector you are in, or the size of your business: We handle your shipment with great flexibility and speed, with a made-to-measure solution just for you. We communicate with customs authorities and have detailed knowledge about customs procedures and flows, so that you may focus one hundred per cent on your core business.

Our specialists are at your disposal at our various competence centres throughout the whole of Germany. They clear customs neutrally and provide advice on everything from duties to foreign trade, to excise – even detached from supply chain flows or transport processes. Be sure to contact us for a consult.

Martin Pétery
Business Development

Customs competence

We take your goods across borders with proven reliability.


Are you considering importing goods from a third country? As a direct agent, we conveniently handle all import formalities for your consignment. Our import management takes into consideration all applicable customs-related legislation and includes advice on the right customs procedures for your goods.


To ready your goods for exportation to third countries, we prepare the export accompanying document and, if required, proof of preferential origin or any other required documentation, subject to applicable customs legislation that must be observed. And should you anticipate any returns, we set the right course with foresight for your exports.

If non-Union or Union products are to be shipped within Europe, we even prepare the transit documents.

Excise duties

The storing and shipping of goods that are subject to excise duties – like Spirits, sparkling wine, beer, coffee and intermediate products – are also covered by our know-how and require special attention and care. Prior to shipping your goods, we will create an electronic administrative document in accordance with EMCS requirements. To render this service, we use our authorisation as a Registered Consignor. We also have our own tax warehouse licences.

Consultation and training

From AEO certification to Union Customs Code: Globalisation does not necessarily make international trading easier following the opening of national borders. New regulations also bear risks and obligations. The ongoing continuous training of our employees allows us to guarantee you optimal and individualised advice about all things customs, foreign trade and excise. At your request, we create your very own training concept, to get you up to speed.

We talk customs

We take pride and pleasure in creating consultancy concepts for start-ups

Your world is filled with bright ideas and creativeness? You are about to launch your very first product on the market? And because demand is so high, you are now intent on conquering international markets, too? We are excited to develop integrated consultancy concepts for start-ups which present in detail the necessary customs actions for trading your products globally. Moreover, we are happy to lend our support for the first administrative steps and during application procedures.

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