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Even though you decide which garments to pick – we deliver the right supply chain solution to you. Whether flat textile goods or hanging garments, as the leading fashion logistics company we have the solution that fits your requirements.

Our services cover the complete supply chain – from receiving the products from around the world, to delivery to B2B and B2C recipients in Europe, to processing returns. The essence lies in processing all logistical flows at the logistics centre. Value added services such as quality controls, reconditioning and labelling, round off our services.

Collections that change at ever shorter intervals – consumer preferences that are here today and gone tomorrow: trends call for intelligent, flexible supply chain systems that are able to respond. Our multi-user sites and flexible staff concepts allow us to adapt to order peaks and guarantee quick lead times. Depending on the requirements, the best choice could be either a manual or an automated solution. We do both. Together we figure out the best approach when designing a logistics facility. Moreover, we provide our intelligent multi-channel logistics for all relevant sales channels, so that your merchandise is wherever your customers expect it to be – either in store, or at home. Profit from our cross-sector experience as a multi-channel service provider and connect with us for a consult.

Marcus Meier
Omnichannel Retail

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