Fiege’s beacon project for MediaMarktSaturn right on schedule

Logistics facility at the former head office in Greven to be extended and upgraded

Greven, 17th April 2018. The new double-storey bays at the construction site reach far into the sky: The extension and upgrade of what used to be the head office of the Fiege Group is advancing nicely. On Monday, 16th April 2018, Fiege celebrated the laying of the foundation stone at the new location in Greven-Reckenfeld, from where the Westphalia-based logistics company will be handling MediaMarktSaturn’s e-business operations.

“This is a beacon project directly on our doorstep”, said Managing Board member, Felix Fiege during his welcome address, in which he described the intense emotionality associated with the construction project in Greven: “This is a matter which is very close to our hearts.” Following extensive refurbishments and expansion work, Fiege will render services for MediaMarktSaturn and other existing accounts on 90,000 square metres of space dedicated to logistics. “Some clients have been loyal to us for a long time, like Bierbaum-Proenen, Gröning, Bischof und Klein, or Claas. We owe them just as much gratitude as we do our employees, who have been working here with great success for years, thereby convincing our client MediaMarktSaturn of the value of this location”, said Felix Fiege.

Global player invests 50 million euros

The head of the Steinfurt district, Dr. Klaus Effing, was as pleased as Greven’s mayor Peter Vennemeyer was, who both congratulated the Fiege family on this large-scale project. “Thank you for having the courage to continually dare to try new things, and for investing in your home base”, said Dr. Effing. And Peter Vennemeyer explained that he was extremely grateful, since Fiege was a “global player backing Greven and creating many new jobs here.” Fiege is investing 50 million euros into the extension of the location. This sum does not yet include automation technology which will be added-on gradually. “We will start off operations manually but in future, autonomous robots and other complex automation technology will be used here”, announced the Managing Board member, Jens Fiege. “This will create the most cutting-edge logistics centre of the whole Fiege Group – right at our home base.”

Up to 300 construction workers ensure timely completion

Before the 2018 winter sales season kicks in, two of the three new bays must be completed to meet the deadline for the first parcels for MediaMarktSaturn to leave the eCommerce location. Construction is still progressing according to plan, despite “plenty of water from underground due to issues with the groundwater, and from above ground due to the rain, and at times even from the side, when it snows”, said Jens Fiege. He therefore thanked especially those handling the construction: the Fiege Real Estate Development team; the construction company Köster, and the 100 construction workers, surveyors, civil engineers, architects and experts as well as many the other partners, clients, investors and local authorities. At peak times, up to 300 people will be working at the construction site, to ensure the timely completion of the project.


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