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The People’s Republic of China has a major impact on almost any industry of the world. Fiege supports its customers to source from, produce in or sell to China. Our locations are situated anywhere from the Yangtze River Delta across the vibrant city of Shanghai and its neighbouring provinces.

China is the leading manufacturing country in the world. Hence, our Industrial Business Unit supports sourcing, consolidation and export as well as production logistics and domestic distribution. Our industrial customer base includes leading domestic and International manufactures in machinery and automotive. Our mission is to raise their efficiency and share excellence and success.

As a pioneer in International business, Fiege masters domestic and cross-border supply chain solutions for web shops, marketplaces and brands to enter China’s gigantic and dynamic global market. Our team provides remarkable services in implementation, operation excellence, model optimization and expertise consulting to better fit in China’s special market environment.

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Unit B, No. 1, 698 Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Jiangsu Province
213022 Changzhou City

T: +86 (0)519 8552 1709


Unit 1&3, Building 34, 568 Lufengdong Road, Lujiazhen, Jiangsu Province
215331 Kunshan City

T: +86 (0)512 8618 1663


Unit A, 369 Pengqing Road, Huaqiao Zhen, Jiangsu Province
215332 Kunshan City

T: +86 (0)512 5015 7613


Rm.153, 3F, Building T2 EBA Center, 398 Huoshan Road, Yangpu District
200082 Shanghai, China

T: +86 (0)21 5578 8019


Unit D, 7 Beihuan Road, Fuqiao Zhen, Jiangsu Province
215434 Taicang City

T: +86 (0)512 8160 8505

Wuxi 1

Location 1
1 Middle Huayou Road, Xinwu District, Jiangsu Province
214142 Wuxi City

T: +86 (0)510 8520 2159

Wuxi 2

Location 2
8 Huayousi Road, Xinwu District, Jiangsu Province
214142 Wuxi City

T: +86 (0)510 8520 2159