Fiege Logistik orders robot fleet from Magazino

Huge follow-up contract: 30 new Toru robots ordered

Greven/Munich, 31st August 2017. The logistics company Fiege Logistik has ordered a further 30 robots from the Munich-based start-up, Magazino. Fiege already operates three intelligent Toru picking robots for a shoe warehouse that it runs at its location in Ibbenbüren. High savings and a positive experience prompted the decision to roll out an entire fleet of robots. Fiege will thus operate one of the largest fleets of perception-controlled robots installed at a warehouse Europe-wide.

Jens Fiege, member of the family business’ Executive Board, commented on the new order: “It is our conviction that in the future, robots will be highly significant in the field of intra-logistics – especially for fulfilment services.” Fiege therefore decided at an early point in time to place its stakes on this technology. “We see ourselves as pioneers in this area and will continue to develop this flexible solution together with our partner, Magazino. To further advance automated order picking at our warehouses presents a vital step in the digitisation of logistics centres”, says Jens Fiege.  “We are extremely proud to be pushing digitisation within intra-logistics in such huge strides together with Fiege”, says Frederik Brantner, co-founder and CEO of Magazino. “The use of Toru at Fiege shows that the future of the warehouse belongs to perception-controlled robots”, says Brantner.

Flexible automation at shoe warehouse

Magazino’s robots will be applied, amongst others, at a shoe warehouse which handles orders of a major German online shoe retailer. Thanks to numerous sensors and safety technology, the robots already work alongside on-site staff, either shelving shoe boxes or taking them from the shelves to the shipping station. The picking of individual order items plays one of the most decisive roles in the supply chain, especially for the booming online industry. End customers expect flawless, ever faster delivery services. At the same time, staff shortages and peak periods challenge service providers increasingly. Additionally, because of its complexities, order picking has to-date never been automated, or only with extreme efforts and subject to significant compromises.

Digitisation with intelligent robots

Robots by Magazino receive their picking orders wirelessly from the material management system and can precision-pick individual items with Computervision and the use of AI from the lowest and even the highest racks of a conventional shelving system. Equipped with an internal storage compartment, robots can carry the picked articles temporarily with them, allowing them to process multiple orders in a single run. Thanks to safety lasers the Toru robot perceives obstacles ahead of its path as well as employees nearby while at the same time finding its way around the warehouse. This makes any physical modifications inside the warehouse or markings on the floor redundant. Once trained, the interconnected robot can share via its wireless connection not only the maps that is has created from its surrounding but also its experiences with specific objects or challenges with new robotic colleagues. This means robots can teach each other and continuously improve their performance.


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