FIEGE has formed a joint venture for efficient tyre distribution operations

Effiziente Reifendistribution
Rund 4.000 Quadratmeter Logistikfläche stehen der FGR Logistics & Distribution GmbH für die Reifendistribution am Fürther Standort zur Verfügung. (Foto: FIEGE)

The logistics companies FIEGE, Grieshaber and Rothermel cooperate under the name of FGR Logistics & Distribution GmbH for efficient tyre distribution operations at the location in Fürth.

Greven/Fürth, 31 March 2021 – FIEGE is reorganising tyre logistics operations in Bavaria’s north and has formed a joint venture with Grieshaber Logistik GmbH and Edgar Rothermel Internationale Spedition GmbH for this very purpose. Together with the existing joint undertaking, GR Logistik GmbH, the Greven-based logistics provider will take the last mile in transporting tyres into its own hands in future. Car dealerships and tyre makers based in postal code areas 90 to 97 will be supplied from Fürth. GR Logistik relocated not long ago to a new facility there, which also boasts its own vehicle fleet. As a joint venture, FGR Logistics & Distribution GmbH will play a crucial role in the Germany-wide tyre logistics network.

“The tyre logistics segment offers major growth opportunities for FIEGE. It is therefore hugely important that we also expand our transportation performance in this segment”, Stefan Küster, Head of Transportation, BU Industry & Tires specifies at FIEGE. In line with this, the family business from Greven had already taken over Reifen Logistik 24 GmbH from Nuremberg on 1 January 2020. To better utilise synergies for the distribution of tyres, the decision was made last year to back Fiege’s tyres network via a joint venture with Grieshaber and Rothermel and further evolve its portfolio of services.

“In the context of this partnership we will from now on be handling the last mile ourselves. This applies especially for filigree orders which ideally are to reach their destination by the next day already”, Küster explains who, just like Christian Rothermel, was appointed managing director of FGR Logistics & Distribution GmbH in January. Customers in the region include renowned tyre makers, wholesalers, and car dealerships.

The search for a suitable location to best handle the joint new operation led to GR Logistik’s existing branch in Fürth. The grounds measure around 1.4 hectares, with 4,000 square metres dedicated to logistics and sufficient space for a large fleet of 70 lorries. 26 employees oversee the distribution of tyres on location for Upper, Middle, and Lower Franconia and the Upper Palatinate regions as well as large parts of Lower Bavaria. The facility is fitted with more than 50 docks. Nicole Yasar-Seifried, head of networks at Grieshaber Logistik GmbH and GR Logistik GmbH, adds: “The location in Fürth is the biggest in the tyres network of GR Logistik. We acquired the property in spring 2020 and launched operations as FGR Logistics & Distribution GmbH on 1 November 2020.”


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