Strategic partnership: Fiege invests in logistics start-up sennder

Fiege investiert in das Logistik-Start-up sennder
Fiege investiert in das deutsche Logistik-Start-up sennder und fungiert als strategischer Partner. (Foto: Fiege)

Greven/Berlin, 11 October 2021 – Fiege has invested in the German logistics start-up, sennder, as part of the company’s June extension to its Series D funding round. The logistics company will act as an investor and a strategic partner to the Berlin-based entity that, since its formation in 2015, has become Europe’s leading digital road freight forwarder.

“We have known sennder’s founding team made up of David Nothacker, Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Köhler for many years. Our investment into sennder forms a further crucial component in our digitalisation strategy and is a valuable addition to our offer of transportation services”, Felix Fiege explains who, together with his cousin, Jens Fiege is the fifth generation to manage the Münsterland-based family business. The goal is for Fiege and sennder to “mutually support one another” to further improve operational performance capacities, says Felix Fiege. “This is why it is much more than your typical financial investment; it is primarily a strategic partnership which is mutually beneficial to both sides involved. In the end, it will be our customers who benefit the most – and that, overall, is always the decisive criterion for our entrepreneurial activities.”

David Nothacker, co-founder and managing director of sennder: “Our collaboration showcases the increased demand for digital supply chain solutions. I look forward to working closely with the team at Fiege, together we will introduce innovative solutions to the logistics industry while growing our respective businesses.” Today sennder has a workforce of over 900 employees, manages a fleet of 12,500 trucks across Europe and is now valued at over one billion US dollars.

“Our partnership with sennder will create added security within transportation for our customers”, says Hannes Streeck, head of the Consumer Goods business unit at Fiege. “After all, sennder allows us to offer an additional sustainable transport option to our customers. It is our firm belief that sennder’s digital expertise on one hand and our operational experience on the other will create amazing advantages for both companies.”


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