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Tech Accelerator

We help and support Start-ups

We support innovative ideas and business models in the logistics industry: anything from drones to driverless vehicles to completely transparent, digitised storage – the future of logistics thrives on innovation and interconnectedness. We are member of the international Logistics Tech Accelerator and partner with San Francisco’s RocketSpace technology campus and Spain’s Kaleido in sourcing viable future technology solutions in warehousing, transport and trade. Apply HERE to register for the Accelerator.

About the Accelerator

The Accelerator offers start-ups the opportunity to draw on the know-how of Fiege and other experts over a period of four months. Enjoy being trained by top managers or consultants, have mentors give you personalised supervision and maybe get a chance to pilot a project at a Fiege branch. A four-week course on the topics of fundraising, marketing, sales and product development starts off the Accelerator programme.

Wanted: Ideas

Choice topics include

Smart Warehouse

  • Smart Warehouse Management Systems
  • UAV and Drones
  • AGV’s, Robotics and Automization
  • Personnel Planning
  • General Innovations in E-Commerce Fulfilment

Smart Transport

  • Last Mile & Same Day Delivery (Smart Routing & Alternatives to Traditional Parcel Carriers)
  • City Logistics
  • Track & Trace

Smart Trade

  • E-Freight (Marketplaces & Freight Forwarding Platforms)
  • Cross-Border Trade Initiatives and new Payment Solutions
  • Omnichannel Solutions / Virtual Stock


  • 3D Printing
  • Big Data in Logistics
  • Internet of Things

The timeline

  • 1. July 2017

    Submit your application by 23rd of July.

  • 2. September 2017

    The kick-off event will be held from 4th September on and is followed by a two-week virtual course.

  • 3. September 2017

    You will have time to execute your pilot projects from the end of Septemer until the end of November. The goal now is to prove that your product or your idea can be implemented for application in businesses.

  • 4. December 2017

    Present your results during the Public Demo Day on 5th December.

What you get and what you need

Unparalleled Benefits

  • Validate your product through pilot testing with collaborators
  • Gain brand and product exposure through our program
  • Expand your business knowledge with a tailored 4 week curriculum focusing on Fundraising, Marketing + Growth, Sales, and Product
  • Dedicated networking touchpoints
  • Zero equity requirements
  • Work from anywhere (virtual curriculum and online community)

Minimal Requirements

  • Must have seed funding or beyond
  • Product in market or ready to launch
  • Your product or service relates directly to our key tech themes (outlined below!)
  • Be willing to travel for program milestones (kick-off and Demo Day)

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