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Dangerous goods storage of the highest standard

Munchenstein. The storage of chemicals or dangerous goods is subject to high general requirements to ensure environmental safety. Fiege in Munchenstein has for years operated a highly rated safety and quality assessment system (SQAS). For the area of storage alone, logistics service providers are assessed based on a survey with over a hundred questions concerning fire protection, storage and handling, preventative safety behaviour, security during storage and operating instructions.

For decades, the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry in Basle has played an important role. For this reason, Fiege in Munchenstein is divided into two buildings. The main building is dedicated to the storage of industrial goods, solvents, propellants, etc., in high-bay, block storage and explosion protection zones. The second building serves for the storage of consumer goods and pharmaceutical logistics. The logistics, facility and quality management and business excellence team on site ensure compliance with the requirements relating to sensitive goods at all times and that employees and the environment are not put at risk. These services are regularly awarded certificates such as those from SQAS, GMP/GDP and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For all areas relating to chemical logistics, dangerous goods storage through to transport, we have developed first-class safety measures and implement these effectively and cost-efficiently.


The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia (Germany), is one of Europe’s most innovative logistics companies. A workforce of over 23,000 employed at 133 locations based in 16 countries back FIEGE and its international operations in core markets across all of Europe, and all the way to Asia. FIEGE is a fifth-generation family business that is regarded as a pioneer of contract logistics. Its modular solutions in Logistics, Digital Services, Real Estate and Ventures form the essence of its business activities. In 2021, the FIEGE Group generated 1.8 billion euros in turnover while overseeing more than four million square metres of logistics space.